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Getting help and contributing

Our vision is to establish & build a community of MMM methodologists, discussing innovation and contributing to open source code

R Code Documentation#

Run help(package = "Robyn") to see the documentation for all functions and parameters therein contained in the Robyn package. This will be the most up to date place to see the code documentation

Facebook Group#

  • Primary channel for discussions
  • Interaction with us & other community members
  • Our communication channel to you
  • Place to get peer-to-peer help
  • Raise our awareness to your project / application / use case
robyn group


  • Primary channel for code issues, pull requests and bugs.
  • Please ensure description is clear and has sufficient info to reproduce the issue.
  • Place to submit & contribute to the code
  • Don’t forget to sign the CLA (

This project has a non-fixed release cycle but we will be making bug fixes in response to user feedback and adding features. We appreciate all contributions. If you plan to contribute new features or extensions to the code, please first open an issue and discuss the feature with us.