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The Robyn facebook group (here)​

  • A public group for Robyn users and marketing science practitioners.
  • Interact with team Robyn & discuss with peers.
  • Share your challenges, ideas, usecases and codes.

GitHub issues (here)​

  • Primary channel for bug reporting.
  • Providing reproducible examples accelerates debugging.

Press & releases​

  • Harvard Business Review: A New Gold Standard for Digital Ad Measurement? here
  • Measurement Framework: Measurement 360: An advanced way to think about measurement strategy here
  • A quick MMM provider survey: Decision-Making Processes in Marketing Mix Modelling here

Deepdives from team Robyn​

  • The convergence of marginal ROAS in the budget allocation in Robyn here
  • Hitting ROAS target using Robyn’s budget allocator here
  • More precision in MMM-experiment calibration with Robyn from Meta Marketing Science here
  • Calibrated MMM better predicts true ROAS here

Additional materials​

Meta Blueprint course (here)​

This course provides a high-level overview about Robyn and contains 4 chapters. Note that some content might not be up-to-date.

  1. Introduction: What is Robyn? Identify different modeling approaches and explore the benefits of Nevergrad
  2. Data transformation and automation: Explore your data and understand time series decomposition, adstock & saturation.
  3. Running the model: Installation, model input, code examples and interpretation.
  4. Practical implementations of Robyn: Understand calibration, model refresh & budget allocation.