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Robyn is a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) code. It can be used to build end-to-end time series regression models and as an econometrics code library. Automated, built for very large data sets, and is suitable for digital and complex consumer behaviour

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  • Automated code, making it significantly faster to run
  • Can be calibrated and validated using real world experiments
  • Fully customisable adstock to suit your business
  • Automated seasonality and richer external variables using Facebook code ‘Prophet’, increasing interpretability and model fit
  • Uses Ridge Regression to solve for multicollinearity
  • Built to manage large data sets and numbers of variables making it ideal for digital marketing and complex consumer behaviour

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Controllable and Scalable

  • Standardised and stable code to limit analyst bias and subjectivity, making models scaleable and transferable
  • Fully customisable to accommodate multiple unique variables that matter your business
  • Increase the number of models and frequency as faster to run and automated
  • Model all of the outputs that matter to your business

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  • No need to wait until your campaigns have finished. Faster modeling allows for inflight campaign optimization.
  • Continuous modeling helps you to understand the performance of your marketing in almost real time.
  • Includes integrated marketing budget optimizer with the ability to apply custom restraints
  • Not dependent on Facebook advertising but can connect to measurement products in Facebook Ads Manager for granular insights

Privacy by Design

  • Privacy safe with no requirement for PII or Individual log level data
  • Not dependent on Cookies or Pixel data