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Installing R​

Robyn is built in R-only at the moment and requries the R 4.0.0 version (or higher). The recommended IDE is RStudio.

Installing Robyn​

There're two versions of Robyn: The stable version on CRAN and the dev version on GitHub.

Install latest stable CRAN version, run:


Install latest dev version, run:


NOTE: Robyn requires an one-time installation of the Python library Nevergrad using the R package reticulate. Please refer to this Nevergrad installation guide for R.

Getting started​

The usage guide is detailed in the script demo.R, where you will see working examples of all major functions, including:

  • Model input
  • Hyperparameter setting
  • Calibration input
  • Model run
  • Model output
  • Model selection and export
  • Budget allocator
  • Model refresh
  • Recreate models
  • Getting response and more...