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Robyn API for Python

Enabling Robyn for Python has been a long-standing ask from the community. Robyn has started as an experimental R package. While we understand the needs of the users, it's difficult to maintain a natively translated Python package during active development on the R-side.

The idea of a plumber API for Python is originally proposed by Alex Rowley from the Robyn community in August 2023. The Robyn team has assessed the proposal that is not only a great work-around for Python users to start with Robyn, but it actually allows API calls from any languages. We're very grateful for the collective wisdom of the open source community.

Robyn API for Python beta release​

The first version of the API is released on Nov.22nd 2023 on the Meta OST summit. This Jupyter notebook shows how to call the API from Python. In the beta version, the user needs to have the Robyn R package successfully installed first. We'll work on the migitation of installation friction in the future.

Robyn API for Python Architecture